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Angelic Cinnamon

cinnamon has a long history of use in Ayurvedic home remedies.


While cinnamon is very flavorful and aromatic, it also has numerous health benefits. Both Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine have utilized this health promoting spice to treat colds, diabetes, indigestion, and high cholesterol. Cinnamon improves digestion and absorption, and promotes elimination.  It removes toxins from the body, and improves circulation by strengthening the heart and warming the kidneys.  As a blood thinner, cinnamon prevents heart attacks. Additionally, cinnamon may be used in the treatment of respiratory and sinus congestion, bronchitis, colds, and the flu. It is both an expectorant and a decongestant.

Pack Size: 60 capsules
MRP: 1050.00
DP: 900.00
Product Use: Dalchini