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Angelic Revisal For Women

A woman's health needs are special and different from the others. This daily health supplement by Revital has been designed for the specific health needs of women above 18 years of age and contains a wonderful combination of 12 vitamins, 18 minerals and the age-old herb, Ginseng that increases the energy levels of the body. Feel the difference after taking these capsules regularly as you can flaunt a glowing skin, healthy hair and nails. You will also discover more energy to take on additional work, while staying physically and mentally alert. The extra calcium present in these capsules promotes bone health. Become immune to common diseases as these capsules provide endurance and strength. These nutrient-packed Revital capsules work their magic to keep you fit and active, throughout the day.

Pack Size: 60 capsules
MRP: 1200.00
DP: 1050.00
Product Use: Revital for women