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Angelic Livonorm

Liver is both the largest internal organ and the largest gland in the human body that is responsible for amino acid metabolism, bile production, carbohydrate metabolism, detoxification, endocrine function, fat metabolism, synthesis & storage of various substances. Its main function is to act as filter. The liver stores iron, copper, vitamin A, many of the B complex vitamins & vitamins D. It filters potentially harmful substance in order to keep blood healthy.


Liver is the complex organ that performs a multitude of life sustaining functions. Liver transforms food into energy, sends nourishment to cells, stores nutrients, fats & vitamins. It also acts as filter to clean wastes & poisons like alcohol, drugs, chemicals. Liver cells are exposed to toxic substance that can damage or destroy cell integrity.

Pack Size: 60 capsules
MRP: 1200.00
DP: 1050.00
Product Use: Liver disease